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Octopus BI is a business analytics platform delivering insights through beautiful data visualizations of your ecosystem. We are dedicated solely to the education sector and specialize in K-12 schools to achieve better learning outcomes for students. Our data visualizations are built to be tailored to your schools needs, with capabilities not seen anywhere else on the market.

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Personalised learning profiles

We provide personalised student profiles.

We take your raw data and convert it into unique analytics that addresses the dynamic needs of each student, creating a personalised learning profile within OctopusBI. We harness this information and design specialised lesson plans to improve student performance and enable personal growth.

Assessment, class, course, cohort and subject trend analysis

Look for trends that can hinder or advance education growth

As an educator you would like to know how your school is performing compared to previous years. This analysis will show trends that can be used to make critical decisions that enable you to improve your schools education. This process is very easily achievable with OctopusBI. No more number crunching required..!

Student wellbeing trends and early intervention alerts

Develop your students’ infinite potential.

Students wellbeing is essential for both academic and social development. OctopusBI’s early intervention alerts provides an effective solution to proactively inform students, parents, and/or teachers about the changes in their performance. Our goal is to ensure prompt corrective action when needed.

School operational insights

Unlock your school’s potential to grow.

OctopusBI generates insights based on your school’s operational data. This will help you pinpoint which areas are performing, and which areas are not, and prescribe strategies to resolve them.

For instance, you will gain fresh perspectives on areas such as budget management, staff turnover rate, current resource allocation, and student admissions & retention rates. These insights will enable you to make informed strategic decisions on areas of concern.

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Why OctopusBI

OctopusBI is a data anlytics platform built by Educators for Educators. We have spent extensive hours researching real challenges faced by education institutes before we started to develop OctopusBI.

For Students

Understand your own performance throughout your student life and get personalized insights on enhancing your unique capabilities.

For Staff

Better manage your institute's ecosystem as a whole while being able to monitor and engage at the most granular level. Built to be 100% user friendly, connect to any data source and customize dashboards to best suit your education institute.

For Parents

Meaningfully engage with your child’s progress throughout their school life. Get access to analytics which can help you proactively interact with teachers to ensure optimized learning outcomes for your child.