Empower smarter learning experiences

Harness the power of your data to transform learning

Streamline, distil and transform data into actionable insights, with a master business analytics suite. Visualise education performance and empower smarter learning experiences.

Your data. Your systems. United by OctopusBI

  Illuminating visualisations. Interactive storytelling in real-time.

  Not another clunky, inflexible system.

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Your strategic data insights partner for education excellence

Unlock engagement and improve learning outcomes with an analytics platform that works with your business.


Unify performance insights to engage parents and empower teachers. Inform strategic decision making from the classroom to the boardroom with seamless integration and beautiful data visualisation in existing systems.

Higher Ed

Bolster engagement and online strategy with a mature and competitive digital learning ecosystem. Get instant feedback on face to face events and online classes to streamline reporting, mitigate risk and inform course outcomes and enrolments.


Enhance learning experiences to attract students into the right courses and see them through to graduation. Leverage powerful education and business analytics to drive greater compliance with a data strategy partner that understands your business.


Unify insights to enhance your strategy

Bring your entire data ecosystem together to elevate strategic decision-making. Master your systems to align learning, operations and financial data and get actionable insights into the hands of those who need them most. Command your data strategy with confidence with OctopusBI.
Dashboard Library

Visualize insights in beautiful dashboards

Deploy stunning, bespoke visualizations customised for your organisation. Say goodbye to manual data collection and hello to on-demand dashboards, made to maximise efficiency and enhance transparent, streamlined, inspired reporting.
Integrated Analytics

Connect to existing systems for faster impact

Boost the value of your existing systems. Octopus BI connects to all your learning and student management, operations, finance and reporting systems to reduce adoption time and leverage existing business processes. Deliver optimised efficiency and exceptional learning experiences with the actionable insights brought to life in systems you use everyday.
Education reporting

Gain transparency, wellbeing and sentiment insights

Enable continuous reporting with quick access to learning and operational insights in a wide range of customised dashboards. See wellbeing and sentiment trends to accelerate intervention opportunities. Gain a fresh perspective on budget and resource management.

Data + Octopus = Insights + Action

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“We’re now using live data to have meaningful conversations with students and make changes before it’s too late.”

Nathan Cini
Executive Director of Digital Learning and ICT Infrastructure

Connect more of your

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Free data silos with seamless integrations to a growing majority of education systems to allow you to visualise more


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