Request a Demo of OctopusBI

See the power of your data with OctopusBI

Streamline, distil and transform data into actionable insights, with a master business analytics suite. Visualise education performance and empower smarter learning experiences.

  • Unify data insights to enhance your strategy
  • Visualize insights in beautiful dashboards
  • Connect to existing systems for faster impact
  • Gain transparency, wellbeing and sentiment insights
  • Free data silos with seamless integrations to 100+ education systems to allow you to visualise more
During your OctopusBI demonstration we will take you through:
  • Review your current sources of data;
  • Discuss key metrics and types of data analysis as well as charting types, focussing on those that matter to drive improvement, growth and efficiency;
  • Talk about current best practice, research trends; and attributes of successful current deployments;
  • Show you the OctopusBI Platform; and
  • Share with you lots of de-identified examples of amazing dashboards from organisations just like yours.
  • Then we’d love to discuss how Octopus could partner with your institution to bring your data strategy to reality.

“We’re now using live data to have meaningful conversations with students and make changes before it’s too late.”

Nathan Cini
Executive Director of Digital Learning and ICT Infrastructure