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OctopusBI Helps Playford International College Reimagine Teaching and Learning

Working with one of the broadest cultural, language and learning needs diversity in South Australia, Playford International College puts community engagement at the heart of its holistic teaching and learning approach.

OctopusBI | Playford International College

Playford International College required a data analytics platform that was intelligent, visual and agnostic so it would integrate with any software solution, in particular Canvas.

1,000 Users

Elizabeth, SA, Australia

Started 2019​

Key challenges:

School leaders spending too much time sifting through large spreadsheets

No automated alerts to students, staff or parents when attendance or academic parameters had been achieved

Double handing data sets, wasting time and money on manual handling

OctopusBI | Key challenges
OctopusBI | Quote

“As a rapidly growing school we need the data to work for us. 

We required an automated, technology agnostic and intelligent data system that presented the right data to the right people in a visual manner”

Nathan Cini, Executive Director of Digital Learning and ICT Infrastructure

OctopusBI | Results


New academic report generated for each student every day, rather than waiting until end of term

Students, parents, caregivers and teachers now access dashboards daily

Live data allows for meaningful conversations about student progress and early intervention

OctopusBI | Quote

“Invest more time in making your data work for you, so your staff don’t have to work for the data”

Nathan Cini, Executive Director of Digital Learning and ICT Infrastructure

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