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Coronavirus and Australian Education

Australian education has had less than a handful of pivotal changes in the past 2 decades. These moments changed the direction of Australian education and had a major impact on students and how they learn inside the classroom. One of … Read More

AI and its impact on the classroom

Today, AI has found its place in the education sector as numerous schools are beginning to utilise the technology. However, with the growth of AI in the education sector, numerous questions have also been born. Could technology replace teachers? What … Read More

How learning analytics help to reduce ineffective learning

Ineffective learning is a critical problem for schools all around the world and can arise due to a number of reasons such as; Lack of relevance of the curriculum to real-world applications Absence of opportunities to apply knowledge absorbed from … Read More

Data scientists won’t be replaced by robots anytime soon.

Everything today is data-driven. We’re collecting and processing more data than ever. Data scientists are responsible for a major part of this task and this has driven up the demand for them all over the world. Yet, on the other … Read More

5 reasons why your school should be using learning analytics

Learning analytics have now become a necessity that educators cannot ignore. With more and more learning analytics software being available in the market and new advancements in learning analytics being made every day, it’s important for you as an educator … Read More

The future of student life in the year 2025

Students – they are the future of our world. Every generation has its own ambition. Understanding the future of the present generation of students is not at all an easy task. The world has evolved with wider opportunities for students … Read More

Octopus by Ayra Analytics is now live!

For the past few months, the Ayra Analytics team has been hard at work making the data analysis experience at your school seamless for you. The wait is now finally over! We are thrilled to introduce you “Octopus by Ayra … Read More